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I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Personal Savior. Best decision ever. I am not done experiencing him. How could I? I never will till we get to heaven and see him face to face. Jesus is not a four year course. There is no exams whose result guarantees a full knowledge of Christ. Whatever you know. Whatever you have heard. Whatever you have read. There is more. So much more you are missing out if you think you are done knowing him. Fresh encounter awaits you each new day. Stay open. Be Inspired.

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Tell Jesus

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We keep to ourselves many things. Fears! Struggles! Weaknesses! Failures! Sicknesses! You and I know the reasons. Oh, we do. So we lie when we say we are okay. Yeah we do. But we don’t have to lie or stand alone. We never had to. Come, take a step closer. Tell Jesus! He’s neither lost a case nor found one too mysterious to crack. And when you do, trust Him to see you through. He is waiting! Go on. Tell Him so you can have peace. Be Inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016

We are lights


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By Naserian Jeanne

More and more we are called to display Jesus in our lives. How we react to things and situations, how we show faith in trial, in accepting forgiveness and in our daily walk (remember that we walk by faith not by sight). The curve ball comes when God allows us not just to gently pass by non believers but when He puts them smack in our path and then whispers in our ear, “introduce us”. Then it calls us to be true diplomats. Loving and rebuking, attracting and sharpening. As Mordecai charged her, like Queen Esther we must realise that we were made for such a time as this. To be lights in our generation.

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Guest post by Naserian Jeanne. She blogs at

Because of you


She sat by the window buried in thoughts. She looked spent from crying. I took the seat by her when I entered the bus. She had a call and believe me, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I didn’t. Summary of what she said? Her mum was going blind.  Apparently the doctors had failed to help. When the call ended, she put on her earphones and looked out the window.

I thought I heard a voice say, “make her aware that I care and she needs to trust me to help.” So I turned to trace the voice. There was no need. We were seated at the back. And the guy to my right was busy on his phone. It couldn’t have been him.

Then it hit me, it was the Holy Spirit. There is no way the devil would say that. But I hesitated. Pretended not to have heard anything. Th more miles we covered, the heavier the command weighed in on me.

So I mounted a mental rebellion with excuses. She doesn’t look like someone who wants to talk. What if she doesn’t listen? God, why don’t you tell her yourself? Hmmm…I knew it was no use. I had to tell this lady about Jesus for my own sake.

You see it wasn’t the first time I have had such commands. It won’t the first time if I disobey. Yet I know too well the guilty feelings that would follow. I wasn’t going through it again. She was going to alight at the next bus stop. I had to act fast.

So I picked a paper and wrote a few lines about Jesus. The Loving Saviour who heals with words. The One who doesn’t forsake. The One time rather waits for. The One who loves to see our reactions when He performs a miracle.

Her family should simply pray and trust Jesus. Thankfully I was done before we got to next stop. I handed the paper to her. She looked at me in a queer way. Then I told her to kindly read it. She nodded and got down.

As we drove off, the burden lifted. I didn’t take her number neither did I give her mine. Yet I knew at that moment, I had done right. Jesus took it from there and I have no doubt in my spirit, her mum is healed.

And over the weekend, I have this guy buy call credit from. I had almost walked past his joint when I felt to give him one of the five canned drinks in my bag. Errr I didn’t want to because I had plans for the drinks. And no, I wasn’t going to share with anyone. I had personal plans. Actually I walked past him but the uneasiness grew so I came back and gave it to him. Shocked preceded his gratitude. Trust me; words will fail in describing both.

Two simple acts of obedience with tremendous impact. We cannot underestimate the power these acts carry. We cannot.

I have not always had it right but I know how these simple acts please God. My prayer is be obedient no matter what. My prayer is to surrender my excuses. My prayer is to get in front of my pride and shyness. My prayer it to be a vessel God works through.

God is calling you to do same. God is calling you to continue. As you step out, stay open for a direction of God in simple forms. The greatest of all is to share Christ.


Afterwards, you may not see them again. You may see them and share in their joy. They may be grateful. They may not be grateful.

But in all these, the greatest inexplicable feeling is when God looks at you and begins a positive sentiment with the phrase, “because of you…”  Be inspired!

Kwabena Eddie Mankata © 2016

In my Father’s House!


In my Father’s house are many mansions? Really? How many? Mansions? I just want to be certain. Didn’t Jesus mean smaller cubicles? Or beds? That makes sense at least. Today, the worlds’ population stands at about 7.4 billion. And each one Jesus wants so desperately saved. Could there be 7.4 billion mansions should all repent? Aren’t people in heaven already? And oh by the way about 360,000 babies across the universe will be born today. Just today! Can they be included too? It doesn’t make sense. The statistics makes it less believable. You’d think the passage should have even read, “In my Father’s mansion are many houses with many beds.” But it didn’t though that could have been more believable! Anaa?

Well, it is not meant to make sense. A lot about Jesus doesn’t make sense. Critics will win arguments with facts, logic and figures when it comes to Jesus. But for the one who collects the waters of the earth in the hollow of His palm. Calculates dust in a measure. Weighs mountains in scales. Hills in balances. Heals with words. Chairs the funeral of every sparrow. Let Him say every individual ever birthed on earth gets a Hawaiian look alike Island in heaven and I’d be the first to believe it. Case closed.

Call me blind. Call me naïve. But I am sticking with the one who defied the null hypothesis of probability and mocked gravitational laws. I am sticking with the one who died and rose by choice. I am sticking with the one who constantly speaks life. I am sticking with Jesus. I am sticking with everything He promised no matter how ridiculous.

So I am only left to wonder. Yes wonder. I will tell you what. Ever been to Dubai or any of these world class cities? No? But like me, have you seen those artificial islands, skyscrapers and ridiculously huge architectural buildings on the web or television? Great! Now, my wonder. If mortal men can be inspired to defy odds to put up these huge structures then I wonder what Jesus is putting up in heaven. Oh I wonder! What glory! For certain we shall lose custody of our eyes staring. So I believe in heaven. I do. And tickets are not for sale. You get one by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. There are no double tickets. There are no family tickets. No group or association entry packages. It is personal.

What best gift to give yourself than grabbing a ticket in this festive season. Treat yourself to some eternal good. And if you already have, maybe you need to assess yourself you see if you’re still in the faith. Don’t lose it. Stay blessed. Be Inspired.

Reference: John 14:2, Isaiah 40 NKJV.


Kwabena Eddie Mankata © 2015

my sunday prayer park lessons

So not every Sunday evening but most of them in the year, I go to the park to pray. If you live in my world, you would. Wait, stop imagining my world. It is not about principalities or demons. They aren’t chasing me. Errr can’t say for sure though. You’d never know. But I have come to believe that if there is THE GOD who answers prayers, then there should be men who ought to pray. And since, HE says we should pray without ceasing, I realized the only way I am going to do that is to tell Him everything. I mean everything from the lady who has captured my heart to the money I am expecting to the next book launch, speaking engagements, the mankata studios, one page, poems etc. you get it abi?

What’s more? Prayer works! I don’t think that God answers prayers; I know that God answers prayers. And if He was more than willing to cleanse that leper, He is more than willing to hear me out. So I go to the park to influence things in the spiritual realms before they manifest physically. Bam!!

I have never gone to the park on a Sunday evening to meet it empty. No not even on rainy nights. You would find someone with an umbrella. Or another in the rain whose needs are more pressing to remotely care about the intensity of the rain. People come here to implore God to orchestrate a miracle in the week, declare and decree prosperity, wage war against Satan and the rest, I really can’t tell. I doubt they would be here if prayer doesn’t work.

Don’t be fooled to think only a certain class of people come here. Nope, you will find the young and old, single and married, rich and poor, saved and unsaved all here.

So you would also see different ways of reaching the Father. Some pray really loud, silent and in-between. Some praise and worship throughout even crying. They do it sitting, standing, kneeling or lying in the grass. Individuals, families, groups of two to any number. Some spend few minutes to several hours here. It is quite a spectacle to behold.

You see there is a thirst only God can quench. There is a need only God can meet. There is a battle only God can win. There is a point in your life when prayer no longer becomes an unnecessary interruption in your busy life but your only way out. Did a say a point? Well sorry, there will be points. Lots of them in this crazy sin soaked world.

I learnt a lot about prayer from my Sunday evening trips to the park than from the pulpit. Prayer is nothing more than talking to God. About any and everything. There are no rules in prayer. There is no expected posture or duration. There are no laid principles or structures to dogmatically follow. Scream or remain mute. God listens. Stand or sit. God listens. Lying or kneel. God listens. Cry or laugh. God listens. Seconds or hours. God listens.

Sometimes all you have to do is sit and say, “God, so what’s up? I no dey see top o.” Or scream with all your strength, “I need help Jesus and if you don’t show up, I’m finished!” Or after she just walked in front you, “God, I really like this Akua chick but she isn’t looking at me, you for help me out.”

Prayer is not a burdensome requirement unless you haven’t prayed for a while. It is not a frustrating necessity in Christianity. It is a beautiful opportunity to talk to the one who makes stars for fun. The one who takes it upon Himself to wake birds and insects in the morning. The chief mourner who attends the funeral of every dead sparrow. The one who understand the language of the waves. The Almighty who wants every opportunity to spend time with you also.

Now I wonder why you wouldn’t want to talk to Him also. I wonder why you would want to go through all the trouble of facing the calamities of life alone when you can solicit His help for free. I wonder. Because you did something wrong? Come on! He knows our proclivity to sin. He knows our heart. So He has made provision for the slips in the relationship with Him. Go talk to Him about it too. He WILL forgive you. I know so.

The only way to build a prayer life is to start. Start. With some few seconds. The seconds will build into minutes then into hours. Sooner than you know, you can’t have enough talking to God.

Okay, I have written enough. I am out of here. A certain guy is trying to delay my contract. Taking him to God. Later. Be inspired!

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (C) 2015

when LOVE flickers no more

Living fire begets cold impotent ash. True, but I thought for a moment what began as a sweet smelling aroma perfuming its environs could be exempted from dying. I meant love and its inexplicable associated feelings. Funny, how could I forget that even the word “aroma” lacks any enviable longevity!

Perhaps familiarity may pass for a good reason but certainly at some point in all our relationships, the qualms calm in our tummies, our hearts beat normal, there is no tingle down our spine, our eyes don’t twitch, we no longer hold our breath, we begin to count the faults and yeah, the little things lose their power to intrigue.

Isn’t it ironic that knowing the other person well should make us understand perhaps, appreciate the person more? Yet it rather seems to dull most moments. And then everything becomes so predictable and simply refuses to awe.

Truth is, at every point in time we are being intrigued by someone. Someone who occupies our thoughts, puts smile on our faces, makes us feel proud, colors our day, appears in our day dreams, steals our time etc. If this someone isn’t “who it should be”, then we are on a highway to having issues. Then it becomes easy for us to ignore or tagged our “who it should be” as boring. They may be trying but we simply aren’t interested. And then since we are all good at finding excuses for everything, we coin one for why we think we have to break up and walk away. Consciously we start packing.

Before you zip the bag, think carefully. Do you really want to let go? Sometimes you have to make a list of everything. Good, bad, fun and all about the person. Be absolutely honest. And make one for yourself. What would come to you easily are the person’s faults. What is difficult to accept are yours. Now think through again with one question in mind, “How have you contributed to this dullness?”

You might discover why everything is flat and boring. It could be that you are focused on the person’s shortcomings so nothing intrigues you anymore. You don’t even see it. It could be that you have forgotten the reasons you fell in love in the first place. When you are sincere, you’d know.

And then when you decide to stay and work through, what do you do? Shift your focus back to the person and hand over the matter to God for help? Yeah but not that simple because it wouldn’t take a day or two.

It takes a while. It takes a conscious effort. It takes sacrifice. It takes hard work. It takes deliberate and calculative efforts to get the love back. It is not something you say and pray about alone. It is something you do intentionally whether you feel like it or not.

Start with simple acts of love. Compliments often. Leave love notes. Buy thoughtful gifts not necessary big. Pull a surprise. Make time to walk and talk. By all means do something. Fight for love. Get the flickers back. You can! Be Inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata(c) 2015