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When I die
Cry not
I’ve done my part
Perhaps not enough
Yet brought some hope
Gave legs to dreams
And wings to ideas

When I die
Cry not
I rest peacefully than rivers
I sing better than birds
I shine brighter than stars
I run faster than lightning
I live longer than earth

When I die
Cry not
Before God I sit
Among elders I eat
Within angels I worship
With Jesus I stroll

When I die
Cry not
I’ll understand if you do
Yet soon
Resurrection morning come
When we reunite
Never to part again

When I die
Cry not

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016




Pride filled my heart
To boast of yesterday’s
Glories and successes
But I refused

Hatred gripped my arm
To hold yesterday’s
Grudges and disappointments
But I refused

Fear seized my eyes
To magnify yesterday’s
Obstacles and problems
But I refused

Despair stroked my fingers
To scribble yesterday’s
Failures and shortfalls
But I refused

Doubt pricked my mind
To reason yesterday’s
Thought lines and patterns
But I refused

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016

My Only Wonder


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Applause dead
Stage cleared
Event over
Auditorium empty
Lights off

Home now
Room alone
One thought
One question
One wonder

“God, were you pleased?”

Excerpt (A Pleasant Aroma)

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016


So I have read books
Books inspired by God
Scripted by men
Opportuned with glimpses of heaven
Yet words never describe reality in full
I wonder what the books failed to cover

So I have been told tales
Tales sweeter than all I’ve heard by the fireside
That left my imagination wild
Yet tales never end only shortened
I wonder the full tales of heaven

So I have been enamoured
Enamoured by crafts of men
Deep into the earth
Far up in the sky
Wide across the ocean
Yet man himself is limited
I wonder what the Immortal Son has made from gold

Death affords me a ticket
A ticket to God’s wonderland
To help my wonder
To behold God’s glory
Death in Christ
Any day
Any place
Any time
What honour!

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016



Jesus cried
As pangs of hunger ravaged His tummy
As cold water touched His back
As He awakened alone at night
His raised hand
Wasn’t to command angels
But for some other request
Carry me
Calm my fears
Play with me
For He became a baby

The Omnipresent abandoned
The Omniscient misunderstood
The Omnipotent defenseless
The Holy one sin-stained
The Creator poor
The Prince of peace grieved
The Deliverer captured
The Giver of life killed

It’s no fiction
A timeless production
Scripted on the genesis morning
To restore a once love affair
Tattered by sin
One perfect lead role
Needed for eternal sacrifice
He chose the role

No viewer discretion
Sit, watch for yourself
See your role
Make up your mind
Believe it
Came HERE for you
The only perfect love story


Inspired by Max Lucado (from the book GOD CAME NEAR)

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2015

GOD, thank you



But for your tender mercies
I have seen many sunrises and sunsets
But for divine interventions
I have survived many illnesses and accidents
But for inner peace
I have endured many disappointments and failures

From darkness to light
On your chariot of love
From the valley to the mountain top
On your wings of grace
From prison to palace
On your wheel of mercy

You send angels clothed in strangers and friends
To support and care
You open doors in known and surprising places
To welcome and provide
You left YOU in us
To comfort and direct

What do I need that you can’t provide?
The earth and its fullness you own
What do I fear that you can’t extinguish?
Mountains tremble at your presence
What do I imagine that you can create?
Light and darkness you called into being

Let the heavens stand aside
As my hands go up
And my knees go down
Let the angels remain silent
As my heart makes melodies
And my soul blesses Him

My Lord! My God!
I have only two words
Thank you

excerpt from a coming poetry book

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2015

stop fooling yourself



I thought you wanted to be financially independent, owing no one and having reserves for unforeseen circumstances? And yet spend impulsively beyond your means. You have no saving or investment plan. You have fallen into the temptation of desiring more. Worst, you are feeding a false created impression of yourself.

I thought you wanted to manage your time. And yet you sleep late engrossed in movies. Wake up late. Toss and turn in bed. Waste time changing channels by the television. Gallivant aimlessly following friends. Gossip instead of discussing ideas. I’m sure you know what you are doing

I thought you wanted a better life for yourself. And yet you mess your mind with impure thoughts. Contaminate your heart with unexpressed emotions. Weaken your body with unhealthy foods and inadequate exercise. Yeah, I get it you want a better life. Really?

I thought you wanted your dreams fulfilled. And yet you have no detailed plan on paper. No reading or learning plan. No standards. No morals. You are walking in the borrowed image of career prominence. Well?

I thought you wanted to be a light to the world. And yet you spend more time reading novels and magazines than the bible. All your memory verses are a familiar like that of a Sunday school kid. Fasting and prayers are out of the deal for you. You have found all the medical excuses not to fast. To you, it is reserved for some “ojacious” few. Your prayers are short, repetitive and lack biblical backing. Light of the world? Really?

Stop fooling yourself. Be Inspired!

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2015