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Truth, Maybe

Maybe prayer is the hot air hope hangs on
Maybe hard work is the fuel faith runs on
Maybe humility is twins with favours
Maybe deep thinking unveil ideas  
Maybe discipline is the ticket to greatness
Maybe preparation attracts opportunities 
Maybe forgiveness is the kindest gesture 
Maybe giving is freedom in the highest
Maybe gratitude is key to contentment 
Maybe smiling is simplest act of beauty.

Be inspired
Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016

this July – Be a miracle


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I doubt luck. I doubt coincidence. I believe in the impeccable timings of God. I believe God has the plan. One where everything is carefully drawn to an expected end.

So there’s a reason for every place we find ourselves at each point in time. There is a purpose no matter how brief we stay there. There are lives we can touch. There are hopes we can inspire. There are dreams we can fuel. There are imprints we can leave behind.

Because we are walking miracles. We are hills to many valleys. We are the dreams-come-true of many. We are more than what we think we are. We can, no matter our circumstances be used by God to orchestrate a mini revival. We can be used by God to reflect love. We can be used by God to restore hope.


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So can we be used by the enemy.  Avail yourself and that evilest one will use you to destroy lives. He will use everything you know to scheme destruction that might linger for years. You would be surprised when you realize.

Because we are weapons. Believe it. You are and I at where we are right now are weapons. We can equally be dangerous to the body of Christ and to the kingdom of the enemy. You have to decide whose hands you will be in.

There is nothing like passing through. Not with God. There may be a momentary sit on the stands. But there is always a purpose for every place we find ourselves. One that may be hidden but sometimes bigger than what appears obvious.

The ultimate opportunity is to teach Christ everywhere we find ourselves. Reflect Him in little acts of kindness. In selfless acts that can transform lives. In even odd places, there is something good you can do.

So right now. How can you be used by God at your workplace? What can you do in this community to touch lives? Could there be more than these monthly meetings? Even at this conference, in this public transport, at this one time gathering, what can I do to reflect God knowing that God doesn’t just bring us to places? Because we are already miracles and need to touch someone.


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So decide! This July – Be a miracle to someone! Be inspired

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (C) 2016

This June – Join


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There is no creative way to write this. There are people who don’t know about Jesus. They haven’t heard the name of Jesus let alone experience His resurrection power. Believe it. 

There are those who have, but. They have accepted and confessed Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour, but. They go to church and pray, but. They don’t have any personal experience and communion with Him.

Then there are those who need reminders every now and then about the power of Jesus. They get lost in the spur of the moment. They forget the power given them to either stand or flee. They rather see themselves as grasshoppers. (Well don’t we all at times)

That’s when we come in. For God is able to make grace abound to us, so that in all things at all times, having all that we need, we will abound in every good work. We have been given everything we need to continually tell about Jesus. We have all it takes to preach Jesus.  To help bring people to the saving grace of Jesus. And help them stay there.


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So evangelism is not work meant for only Pastors and Evangelists. “Go into the world and preach the gospel” is an open statement to every believer. We should work it with both hands as we do “…that you may prosper and be in good health.”

This June, join. Use every platform you have to preach Jesus. Use your space. Use your gift. Use your office. Use “you” to tell someone about Jesus.

This June, join. Surrender your excuses. Slay your shyness. Step out. Reach out. Put sharing Jesus on your daily routine. And do it.

This June, join. Grab your megaphone. It could be a pen. Perhaps a brush. Or anything that presents Jesus to someone in a conspicuous way or not.

This June, join. Stand up and be counted. Let Heaven rejoice!


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This June, join. Be a crusader of the gospel from your corner. That’s prove that you love God. Be inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata © 2016


Speak Sarpong

IMG-20160418-WA0012  It’s just before the Passover festival and the Shepherd who is to be humbled into a lamb was certain the hour had come for Him to be slaughtered. The evening meal was in progress; in the presence of the Lord and the devil had already prompted Judas who is Iscariot to betray Jesus. Wow! I am amazed by the thought of this scenery. I can’t imagine myself on the battlefield in the mind of Iscariot; eating the food blessed by the Messiah and digesting the decision to betray Him. I can hear Holy Spirit reminding Judas all the sermons on brotherly love and betrayal he had heard as Christ preached them.
IMG-20160503-WA0001  Christ took off his garment and wrapped a towel around his waist like a Daddy going to take his bath, then he poured out few litters of the living waters into a basin and touched the feet…

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this may – STEP IN


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I get scared. Really scared at somewhat scary stuff.  Sometimes too at something as simple as asking someone a question or even a favour. You may call that shyness but fear underlines it. You’d be amazed at how many answers I have assumed without asking. And the resulting lies to cover that I did.  Do I have a witness? And I know these assumptions have robbed me of what I can’t quantify nor describe.

Fear has no shape, size and colour. Fear assumes what we give it. Fear is a candidate with a known campaign message but most of us unfortunately vote for it daily. We determine how long fear rules and for many, Methuselah may have died and fear still reigns.

Even for a short period, it still has the propensity to rob us of what we will never know let alone describe. I think God becomes sad watching us miss opportunities because we are scared. Plain scared to ask, move or wait.

Pull out Peter’s CV. On it, written in  bold size sixteen divine font reads, “walked on water.” Check the duration. Fifteen seconds? Thirty seconds? You don’t have to ask him. The story tells us the reason. The waves roared. The storm rose. The winds blew. He took his eyes off Jesus and he began to sink.


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Pause the story in your head for a moment. Let’s come to your most recent move inspired by fear. Now juxtapose the two. Do they look alike? Chances are they don’t. Our experiences would pale in comparison to that of Peter; not to justify Peter’s actions.

Had he kept his eyes on Jesus, I’m only assuming the others would have followed. It would have been an unforgettable service on the sea. A spectacle for the fishes to behold. And a memorial framed for eternity.

Later, an inspired Paul gives a remedy for fear. Who best than him? Having suffered shipwreck thrice. Beaten with rods thrice.  Stoned once.  Spent a night and day in open sea. I would listen to him. We’ve been given power, love and a sound mind by God to stand against fear.

Paul drew his inspiration from no strange medium. Power, love and a sound mind was Jesus in the flesh with Peter. To keep your eyes on Jesus is to acknowledge His power. It is to follow the blueprint of love He drew with His actions and inactions. It is to remain sound in mind despite uncertainties. 

And we have Jesus living in us.  Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we forget. This is a reminder. We have Jesus living in us. What’s left is the simplest part; step In.

Step in the waves of uncertainties. Step in the fury of the world’s furnace. Step in. For someone reading this, it means actually asking instead of assuming.  It means taking a lonely path God has set on you than the obvious littered with cheers and jeers. It means working your dream on all fours. It means, well you know. I trust the SPIRIT just reminded you of something fear is preventing you from doing.

By the way, why should we be scared? Why should the waves not sleep and tides, not bow? Why should our strength fail? Well, those moments are opportunities.  Not for God to prove Himself. He need not, but for us to taste and see His goodness. They are for His glory to be manifested in our lives.  To see the awe on our faces words can’t express. They are for us!

The only thing required of us is to trust Jesus living in us and… you know it, STEP IN. Be Inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata ©2016


Passion simplified


This is the driver that keeps me up. Grinding at my craft at 2 a.m. when I don’t even care whether anyone will appreciate my work but I keep on anyway because if I don’t it gnaws at me, never at peace, the restless wanderer. Its what I feel when I look into his eyes and see the years we have spent living, loving, mistaking, forgiving, creating. Its the aroused response from me when I see injustice. Passion. Simple word that opens a wild fire in my soul. Passion
~one paragraph~

Life is about All of it

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