The Road Back

Guest Post by Fortunate Tirzah Malemale

​The road back always feels shorter
You lean your head against the window
Scroll through the selfies taken
Laugh out loud to those photo bombs
Recall the context of the ceased moment
Replay the highlights vividly

It’s the pleasures of having had being answered
The eased realization of the path now known
A sense of time well spent
That bitter feeling of ripping what you sewed
Like…the beauty of a rainbow after a flood
Fillled with flashbacks of memories made
Tender beginnings of the chapter
Sweet regrets which gives off climax to the story
With a topping of goodbyes

The road back always feels shorter
The tariff behind becomes familar
Thus making way to possibilities of a return
Anticipation of another trip burdens the heart
Expectations over met requires another round
The road back always feels shorter.

By Fortunate Tirzah Malemale
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We are lights


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By Naserian Jeanne

More and more we are called to display Jesus in our lives. How we react to things and situations, how we show faith in trial, in accepting forgiveness and in our daily walk (remember that we walk by faith not by sight). The curve ball comes when God allows us not just to gently pass by non believers but when He puts them smack in our path and then whispers in our ear, “introduce us”. Then it calls us to be true diplomats. Loving and rebuking, attracting and sharpening. As Mordecai charged her, like Queen Esther we must realise that we were made for such a time as this. To be lights in our generation.

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Guest post by Naserian Jeanne. She blogs at



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When you walk, look around
Greet the trees, smile at the flowers
Hear the whispers of the birds
Let them tell you something
There’s happiness in the air

When you walk
Look up, see the clouds
Imagine their composition
Their reactions, their togethers
Let them whisper to you
There’s Happiness in the air

When you hug
Feel their skin
Beyond their perfume
Smell jasmine,roses, lilies, daffodils
Let them tell you something
There’s happiness in this world

When you listen
Feel their tongue
The soothing”s”
The trilling”t”
The resonance, the ripples..
The romance in language
Dolce far niente
Feel the pleasure of doing nothing
Be the master of it!
Find ur word
Pizza, books, travel, Riding
Cakes, movies, hugs, sleeping

When you sleep feel the peace
Listen to your heart beat
Let the silence caress your soul
Let space and emptiness fondle your spirit

Sometimes happiness finds you
But the best time is when you go find it.
Go out there and create  happiness…and nobody will take it from you because you took if from no one. You took it out of yourself

Let something Amaze you!
Even the Sound of Nothing!

#Wonderful Wednesday

Josey 📖✍🏿❤

This is the first guest blog from Josey ( I trust you were blessed.