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We keep to ourselves many things. Fears! Struggles! Weaknesses! Failures! Sicknesses! You and I know the reasons. Oh, we do. So we lie when we say we are okay. Yeah we do. But we don’t have to lie or stand alone. We never had to. Come, take a step closer. Tell Jesus! He’s neither lost a case nor found one too mysterious to crack. And when you do, trust Him to see you through. He is waiting! Go on. Tell Him so you can have peace. Be Inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016


The Road Back

Guest Post by Fortunate Tirzah Malemale

​The road back always feels shorter
You lean your head against the window
Scroll through the selfies taken
Laugh out loud to those photo bombs
Recall the context of the ceased moment
Replay the highlights vividly

It’s the pleasures of having had being answered
The eased realization of the path now known
A sense of time well spent
That bitter feeling of ripping what you sewed
Like…the beauty of a rainbow after a flood
Fillled with flashbacks of memories made
Tender beginnings of the chapter
Sweet regrets which gives off climax to the story
With a topping of goodbyes

The road back always feels shorter
The tariff behind becomes familar
Thus making way to possibilities of a return
Anticipation of another trip burdens the heart
Expectations over met requires another round
The road back always feels shorter.

By Fortunate Tirzah Malemale
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