this July – Be a miracle


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I doubt luck. I doubt coincidence. I believe in the impeccable timings of God. I believe God has the plan. One where everything is carefully drawn to an expected end.

So there’s a reason for every place we find ourselves at each point in time. There is a purpose no matter how brief we stay there. There are lives we can touch. There are hopes we can inspire. There are dreams we can fuel. There are imprints we can leave behind.

Because we are walking miracles. We are hills to many valleys. We are the dreams-come-true of many. We are more than what we think we are. We can, no matter our circumstances be used by God to orchestrate a mini revival. We can be used by God to reflect love. We can be used by God to restore hope.


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So can we be used by the enemy.  Avail yourself and that evilest one will use you to destroy lives. He will use everything you know to scheme destruction that might linger for years. You would be surprised when you realize.

Because we are weapons. Believe it. You are and I at where we are right now are weapons. We can equally be dangerous to the body of Christ and to the kingdom of the enemy. You have to decide whose hands you will be in.

There is nothing like passing through. Not with God. There may be a momentary sit on the stands. But there is always a purpose for every place we find ourselves. One that may be hidden but sometimes bigger than what appears obvious.

The ultimate opportunity is to teach Christ everywhere we find ourselves. Reflect Him in little acts of kindness. In selfless acts that can transform lives. In even odd places, there is something good you can do.

So right now. How can you be used by God at your workplace? What can you do in this community to touch lives? Could there be more than these monthly meetings? Even at this conference, in this public transport, at this one time gathering, what can I do to reflect God knowing that God doesn’t just bring us to places? Because we are already miracles and need to touch someone.


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So decide! This July – Be a miracle to someone! Be inspired

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (C) 2016


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