Speak Sarpong

IMG-20160418-WA0012  It’s just before the Passover festival and the Shepherd who is to be humbled into a lamb was certain the hour had come for Him to be slaughtered. The evening meal was in progress; in the presence of the Lord and the devil had already prompted Judas who is Iscariot to betray Jesus. Wow! I am amazed by the thought of this scenery. I can’t imagine myself on the battlefield in the mind of Iscariot; eating the food blessed by the Messiah and digesting the decision to betray Him. I can hear Holy Spirit reminding Judas all the sermons on brotherly love and betrayal he had heard as Christ preached them.
IMG-20160503-WA0001  Christ took off his garment and wrapped a towel around his waist like a Daddy going to take his bath, then he poured out few litters of the living waters into a basin and touched the feet…

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