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I get scared. Really scared at somewhat scary stuff.  Sometimes too at something as simple as asking someone a question or even a favour. You may call that shyness but fear underlines it. You’d be amazed at how many answers I have assumed without asking. And the resulting lies to cover that I did.  Do I have a witness? And I know these assumptions have robbed me of what I can’t quantify nor describe.

Fear has no shape, size and colour. Fear assumes what we give it. Fear is a candidate with a known campaign message but most of us unfortunately vote for it daily. We determine how long fear rules and for many, Methuselah may have died and fear still reigns.

Even for a short period, it still has the propensity to rob us of what we will never know let alone describe. I think God becomes sad watching us miss opportunities because we are scared. Plain scared to ask, move or wait.

Pull out Peter’s CV. On it, written in  bold size sixteen divine font reads, “walked on water.” Check the duration. Fifteen seconds? Thirty seconds? You don’t have to ask him. The story tells us the reason. The waves roared. The storm rose. The winds blew. He took his eyes off Jesus and he began to sink.


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Pause the story in your head for a moment. Let’s come to your most recent move inspired by fear. Now juxtapose the two. Do they look alike? Chances are they don’t. Our experiences would pale in comparison to that of Peter; not to justify Peter’s actions.

Had he kept his eyes on Jesus, I’m only assuming the others would have followed. It would have been an unforgettable service on the sea. A spectacle for the fishes to behold. And a memorial framed for eternity.

Later, an inspired Paul gives a remedy for fear. Who best than him? Having suffered shipwreck thrice. Beaten with rods thrice.  Stoned once.  Spent a night and day in open sea. I would listen to him. We’ve been given power, love and a sound mind by God to stand against fear.

Paul drew his inspiration from no strange medium. Power, love and a sound mind was Jesus in the flesh with Peter. To keep your eyes on Jesus is to acknowledge His power. It is to follow the blueprint of love He drew with His actions and inactions. It is to remain sound in mind despite uncertainties. 

And we have Jesus living in us.  Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we forget. This is a reminder. We have Jesus living in us. What’s left is the simplest part; step In.

Step in the waves of uncertainties. Step in the fury of the world’s furnace. Step in. For someone reading this, it means actually asking instead of assuming.  It means taking a lonely path God has set on you than the obvious littered with cheers and jeers. It means working your dream on all fours. It means, well you know. I trust the SPIRIT just reminded you of something fear is preventing you from doing.

By the way, why should we be scared? Why should the waves not sleep and tides, not bow? Why should our strength fail? Well, those moments are opportunities.  Not for God to prove Himself. He need not, but for us to taste and see His goodness. They are for His glory to be manifested in our lives.  To see the awe on our faces words can’t express. They are for us!

The only thing required of us is to trust Jesus living in us and… you know it, STEP IN. Be Inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata ©2016


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