We are lights


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By Naserian Jeanne

More and more we are called to display Jesus in our lives. How we react to things and situations, how we show faith in trial, in accepting forgiveness and in our daily walk (remember that we walk by faith not by sight). The curve ball comes when God allows us not just to gently pass by non believers but when He puts them smack in our path and then whispers in our ear, “introduce us”. Then it calls us to be true diplomats. Loving and rebuking, attracting and sharpening. As Mordecai charged her, like Queen Esther we must realise that we were made for such a time as this. To be lights in our generation.

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Guest post by Naserian Jeanne. She blogs at http://www.kiyiapijeanne.wordpress.com


Stay in line


It hurts to be overlooked. It hurts to be bypassed for someone who by many standards ranks lower than you. It is not a pretty feeling to report to such one. Alacrity isn’t attached to the work they demand.

It happens in church too. Yeah it does.  My somewhat kid brother has been overlooked twice for a post. Anger, he claims isn’t what he feels. But I am no child. His diction and mannerism may as well be framed for an amateur actor to emulate. He won’t stop ranting but I am offering moral support because I’d know.

For reasons known and unknown. For reasons that make sense and not. For reasons good and not. You and I are likely to be overlooked. Chances are that you have been. Or perhaps this piece just found you looking for the right answers to bring sanity and closure to a recent demotion. It must as well be taken who is at the top now.

First impulsive reaction is to resign and go where your value will see some salutes. Or if you would stay, give less than your best. Sabotage. Or gradually redraw any resource or influence that holds the building in place. I would know, I’ve done all three.

I would also know the first reaction doesn’t always fulfil. The second doesn’t guarantee an auto leap to the top. It may drag you further down. And the third, well, regret is tied at the end. A-soul-eating regret when the havoc is seen in its entirety.

I’ll also know about another strategy. One drawn centuries ago. The prophet Isaiah puts in words that paint a better picture in thought. “He was oppressed and afflicted yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.” Isaiah 53:7


Barabbas had been chosen over Jesus. A hate chorus rose among the once fulfils. To wield the power to destruct was a decision only Jesus could take.  But he didn’t. He gave in and did as told. He remained in line. One of what he endured that infuriates me till date is the spit. Really? Was it necessary?

Christ sits on the right hand of God now. His humility gave an elevation to His name. Now every kneel bows to it and every tongue confesses its authority.

To tell you to do same is the essence of this piece. Look at the bigger picture you don’t see is right to follow. But I know it gets tough the instant it happens. I know tempers fly and the mind devise all kinds of strategies mostly diabolic to orchestrate. So I am asking you to breathe. Take time to reflect and before you take any decision, pray.

I am asking you to stay in line. Do your work well and serve in your capacity. I know because I have a good friend who did and now he is a great leader. He is my today’s example for Pharaoh’s Joseph. I did stay in line behind and now I am in front of a rather larger rally.

I know because whereas earth may not recognise you, there is a larger audience in heaven who miss nothing and when they step in, the earth will see and testify.
Stay in line. Be inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata © 2016



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When I die
Cry not
I’ve done my part
Perhaps not enough
Yet brought some hope
Gave legs to dreams
And wings to ideas

When I die
Cry not
I rest peacefully than rivers
I sing better than birds
I shine brighter than stars
I run faster than lightning
I live longer than earth

When I die
Cry not
Before God I sit
Among elders I eat
Within angels I worship
With Jesus I stroll

When I die
Cry not
I’ll understand if you do
Yet soon
Resurrection morning come
When we reunite
Never to part again

When I die
Cry not

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016



Pride filled my heart
To boast of yesterday’s
Glories and successes
But I refused

Hatred gripped my arm
To hold yesterday’s
Grudges and disappointments
But I refused

Fear seized my eyes
To magnify yesterday’s
Obstacles and problems
But I refused

Despair stroked my fingers
To scribble yesterday’s
Failures and shortfalls
But I refused

Doubt pricked my mind
To reason yesterday’s
Thought lines and patterns
But I refused

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016

My Only Wonder


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Applause dead
Stage cleared
Event over
Auditorium empty
Lights off

Home now
Room alone
One thought
One question
One wonder

“God, were you pleased?”

Excerpt (A Pleasant Aroma)

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2016

Because of you


She sat by the window buried in thoughts. She looked spent from crying. I took the seat by her when I entered the bus. She had a call and believe me, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I didn’t. Summary of what she said? Her mum was going blind.  Apparently the doctors had failed to help. When the call ended, she put on her earphones and looked out the window.

I thought I heard a voice say, “make her aware that I care and she needs to trust me to help.” So I turned to trace the voice. There was no need. We were seated at the back. And the guy to my right was busy on his phone. It couldn’t have been him.

Then it hit me, it was the Holy Spirit. There is no way the devil would say that. But I hesitated. Pretended not to have heard anything. Th more miles we covered, the heavier the command weighed in on me.

So I mounted a mental rebellion with excuses. She doesn’t look like someone who wants to talk. What if she doesn’t listen? God, why don’t you tell her yourself? Hmmm…I knew it was no use. I had to tell this lady about Jesus for my own sake.

You see it wasn’t the first time I have had such commands. It won’t the first time if I disobey. Yet I know too well the guilty feelings that would follow. I wasn’t going through it again. She was going to alight at the next bus stop. I had to act fast.

So I picked a paper and wrote a few lines about Jesus. The Loving Saviour who heals with words. The One who doesn’t forsake. The One time rather waits for. The One who loves to see our reactions when He performs a miracle.

Her family should simply pray and trust Jesus. Thankfully I was done before we got to next stop. I handed the paper to her. She looked at me in a queer way. Then I told her to kindly read it. She nodded and got down.

As we drove off, the burden lifted. I didn’t take her number neither did I give her mine. Yet I knew at that moment, I had done right. Jesus took it from there and I have no doubt in my spirit, her mum is healed.

And over the weekend, I have this guy buy call credit from. I had almost walked past his joint when I felt to give him one of the five canned drinks in my bag. Errr I didn’t want to because I had plans for the drinks. And no, I wasn’t going to share with anyone. I had personal plans. Actually I walked past him but the uneasiness grew so I came back and gave it to him. Shocked preceded his gratitude. Trust me; words will fail in describing both.

Two simple acts of obedience with tremendous impact. We cannot underestimate the power these acts carry. We cannot.

I have not always had it right but I know how these simple acts please God. My prayer is be obedient no matter what. My prayer is to surrender my excuses. My prayer is to get in front of my pride and shyness. My prayer it to be a vessel God works through.

God is calling you to do same. God is calling you to continue. As you step out, stay open for a direction of God in simple forms. The greatest of all is to share Christ.


Afterwards, you may not see them again. You may see them and share in their joy. They may be grateful. They may not be grateful.

But in all these, the greatest inexplicable feeling is when God looks at you and begins a positive sentiment with the phrase, “because of you…”  Be inspired!

Kwabena Eddie Mankata © 2016



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When you walk, look around
Greet the trees, smile at the flowers
Hear the whispers of the birds
Let them tell you something
There’s happiness in the air

When you walk
Look up, see the clouds
Imagine their composition
Their reactions, their togethers
Let them whisper to you
There’s Happiness in the air

When you hug
Feel their skin
Beyond their perfume
Smell jasmine,roses, lilies, daffodils
Let them tell you something
There’s happiness in this world

When you listen
Feel their tongue
The soothing”s”
The trilling”t”
The resonance, the ripples..
The romance in language
Dolce far niente
Feel the pleasure of doing nothing
Be the master of it!
Find ur word
Pizza, books, travel, Riding
Cakes, movies, hugs, sleeping

When you sleep feel the peace
Listen to your heart beat
Let the silence caress your soul
Let space and emptiness fondle your spirit

Sometimes happiness finds you
But the best time is when you go find it.
Go out there and create  happiness…and nobody will take it from you because you took if from no one. You took it out of yourself

Let something Amaze you!
Even the Sound of Nothing!

#Wonderful Wednesday

Josey 📖✍🏿❤

This is the first guest blog from Josey (josiefin.wordpress.com) I trust you were blessed.