In my Father’s House!


In my Father’s house are many mansions? Really? How many? Mansions? I just want to be certain. Didn’t Jesus mean smaller cubicles? Or beds? That makes sense at least. Today, the worlds’ population stands at about 7.4 billion. And each one Jesus wants so desperately saved. Could there be 7.4 billion mansions should all repent? Aren’t people in heaven already? And oh by the way about 360,000 babies across the universe will be born today. Just today! Can they be included too? It doesn’t make sense. The statistics makes it less believable. You’d think the passage should have even read, “In my Father’s mansion are many houses with many beds.” But it didn’t though that could have been more believable! Anaa?

Well, it is not meant to make sense. A lot about Jesus doesn’t make sense. Critics will win arguments with facts, logic and figures when it comes to Jesus. But for the one who collects the waters of the earth in the hollow of His palm. Calculates dust in a measure. Weighs mountains in scales. Hills in balances. Heals with words. Chairs the funeral of every sparrow. Let Him say every individual ever birthed on earth gets a Hawaiian look alike Island in heaven and I’d be the first to believe it. Case closed.

Call me blind. Call me naïve. But I am sticking with the one who defied the null hypothesis of probability and mocked gravitational laws. I am sticking with the one who died and rose by choice. I am sticking with the one who constantly speaks life. I am sticking with Jesus. I am sticking with everything He promised no matter how ridiculous.

So I am only left to wonder. Yes wonder. I will tell you what. Ever been to Dubai or any of these world class cities? No? But like me, have you seen those artificial islands, skyscrapers and ridiculously huge architectural buildings on the web or television? Great! Now, my wonder. If mortal men can be inspired to defy odds to put up these huge structures then I wonder what Jesus is putting up in heaven. Oh I wonder! What glory! For certain we shall lose custody of our eyes staring. So I believe in heaven. I do. And tickets are not for sale. You get one by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. There are no double tickets. There are no family tickets. No group or association entry packages. It is personal.

What best gift to give yourself than grabbing a ticket in this festive season. Treat yourself to some eternal good. And if you already have, maybe you need to assess yourself you see if you’re still in the faith. Don’t lose it. Stay blessed. Be Inspired.

Reference: John 14:2, Isaiah 40 NKJV.


Kwabena Eddie Mankata © 2015