GOD, thank you



But for your tender mercies
I have seen many sunrises and sunsets
But for divine interventions
I have survived many illnesses and accidents
But for inner peace
I have endured many disappointments and failures

From darkness to light
On your chariot of love
From the valley to the mountain top
On your wings of grace
From prison to palace
On your wheel of mercy

You send angels clothed in strangers and friends
To support and care
You open doors in known and surprising places
To welcome and provide
You left YOU in us
To comfort and direct

What do I need that you can’t provide?
The earth and its fullness you own
What do I fear that you can’t extinguish?
Mountains tremble at your presence
What do I imagine that you can create?
Light and darkness you called into being

Let the heavens stand aside
As my hands go up
And my knees go down
Let the angels remain silent
As my heart makes melodies
And my soul blesses Him

My Lord! My God!
I have only two words
Thank you

excerpt from a coming poetry book

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2015