my sunday prayer park lessons

So not every Sunday evening but most of them in the year, I go to the park to pray. If you live in my world, you would. Wait, stop imagining my world. It is not about principalities or demons. They aren’t chasing me. Errr can’t say for sure though. You’d never know. But I have come to believe that if there is THE GOD who answers prayers, then there should be men who ought to pray. And since, HE says we should pray without ceasing, I realized the only way I am going to do that is to tell Him everything. I mean everything from the lady who has captured my heart to the money I am expecting to the next book launch, speaking engagements, the mankata studios, one page, poems etc. you get it abi?

What’s more? Prayer works! I don’t think that God answers prayers; I know that God answers prayers. And if He was more than willing to cleanse that leper, He is more than willing to hear me out. So I go to the park to influence things in the spiritual realms before they manifest physically. Bam!!

I have never gone to the park on a Sunday evening to meet it empty. No not even on rainy nights. You would find someone with an umbrella. Or another in the rain whose needs are more pressing to remotely care about the intensity of the rain. People come here to implore God to orchestrate a miracle in the week, declare and decree prosperity, wage war against Satan and the rest, I really can’t tell. I doubt they would be here if prayer doesn’t work.

Don’t be fooled to think only a certain class of people come here. Nope, you will find the young and old, single and married, rich and poor, saved and unsaved all here.

So you would also see different ways of reaching the Father. Some pray really loud, silent and in-between. Some praise and worship throughout even crying. They do it sitting, standing, kneeling or lying in the grass. Individuals, families, groups of two to any number. Some spend few minutes to several hours here. It is quite a spectacle to behold.

You see there is a thirst only God can quench. There is a need only God can meet. There is a battle only God can win. There is a point in your life when prayer no longer becomes an unnecessary interruption in your busy life but your only way out. Did a say a point? Well sorry, there will be points. Lots of them in this crazy sin soaked world.

I learnt a lot about prayer from my Sunday evening trips to the park than from the pulpit. Prayer is nothing more than talking to God. About any and everything. There are no rules in prayer. There is no expected posture or duration. There are no laid principles or structures to dogmatically follow. Scream or remain mute. God listens. Stand or sit. God listens. Lying or kneel. God listens. Cry or laugh. God listens. Seconds or hours. God listens.

Sometimes all you have to do is sit and say, “God, so what’s up? I no dey see top o.” Or scream with all your strength, “I need help Jesus and if you don’t show up, I’m finished!” Or after she just walked in front you, “God, I really like this Akua chick but she isn’t looking at me, you for help me out.”

Prayer is not a burdensome requirement unless you haven’t prayed for a while. It is not a frustrating necessity in Christianity. It is a beautiful opportunity to talk to the one who makes stars for fun. The one who takes it upon Himself to wake birds and insects in the morning. The chief mourner who attends the funeral of every dead sparrow. The one who understand the language of the waves. The Almighty who wants every opportunity to spend time with you also.

Now I wonder why you wouldn’t want to talk to Him also. I wonder why you would want to go through all the trouble of facing the calamities of life alone when you can solicit His help for free. I wonder. Because you did something wrong? Come on! He knows our proclivity to sin. He knows our heart. So He has made provision for the slips in the relationship with Him. Go talk to Him about it too. He WILL forgive you. I know so.

The only way to build a prayer life is to start. Start. With some few seconds. The seconds will build into minutes then into hours. Sooner than you know, you can’t have enough talking to God.

Okay, I have written enough. I am out of here. A certain guy is trying to delay my contract. Taking him to God. Later. Be inspired!

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (C) 2015