finish what you started. One way how!

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“Why do you guys have a lot of uncompleted structures?” This foreigner quizzed. The question was long in coming. The look on his face each time he spotted an uncompleted structure inspired a word in the question. 11 uncompleted structures bam!! Question came.

Simple answer, “Unlike you guys, we in Ghana take our tiiiiiiiiimmmme to build.” It was a lie. He knew it. We all knew it. The real reasons could be poor project planning and bad management.  Wait, we can give you other reasons too like; sudden price increase of materials (you have no idea), owner died, contractor absconded, money finish and errr house demons for real.

Some projects begin and end well. Others begin and end with an appreciable drop in quality. Most begin and don’t end. Shockingly some begin, progress on paper but never in reality. Then new ones begin. It is a circle. Well, the government can give you very good reasons if you ask. Anyone can give you a convincing argument why a project was abandoned yet another has to be started. See, we are good at creating good excuses. Should we not finish something we started? 3y3 ya sem (it our issue) not yours.

We have lived like this for long. We don’t complete most projects we start. You’d be surprised how it all began. An unfinished home assignment at a very tender age. An incomplete chore at home. Some “no big deal thing” to us in our formative and adolescent years yet punched little holes in character. Sadly, while we grew, the holes also enlarged.

Today, we falter in times of adversity because our strength is small (proverbs 24:10). We lose passion. We give up. We let go. We get distracted. We move on to something fancier. No hard work. We leave projects unfinished both in our personal and corporates lives. We justify the unjustifiable. Rationalize the unreasonable. Defending the indefensible. We simply excuse the inexcusable. Then move on to the next. Then the next. Then the next. All without completing.

There is something I gathered from marketing my first book, “IT HAD TO BE GOD (Blueprint for a life of thanksgiving).” I have met people both great and small who first lavish on me congratulatory messages then suddenly remembered they onetime wanted to write a book. They started but abandoned it. Some got it finished but the manuscript never made it to press. I met a lady who even dreamt of an album. Wrote one song but never even sang it. You know what you have started and left abi? (right?). You do!

Your career, relationship, and all areas of life are affected when you aren’t a finisher even in something small. However, there is a certain inspiration that comes from finishing no matter your position in the race. It gives you the strength to start again and do better. That finisher’s attitude affects every area of your life too. You become disciplined to handle affairs to the end. You become a winner.

You would be surprised how when you finished one book, you are inspired to read another. How when you able to pray for thirty minutes, you can do forty five next time. When you finish the little ones, you will finish the bigger ones. I admit it took me longer than a while to finish my first book. True, it did. I abandoned it for about six months but one day while I was roaming on my laptop, I found it. I read through it and I got it finished

I found several unfinished scripts, poems and articles too. One script that took me three weeks to type thirty three pages took me three days to add forty pages to finish it. I have hence resorted to finish all before starting another.

How to finish what you started? You can Google five to twenty principles to find out. I can even list ten sure steps for you. By the time you get to the sixth, you might have forgotten the first. I want to give you one. Just one.

Find what inspired you to start in the first place. Find the why. Find the problem you wanted to solve. When you find that one inspiration, you will find a way to finish it. it is that simple. I mentioned I got my first book published. It was very easy. That’s a lie. It wasn’t. I had challenges. But I never lost my inspiration. I kept the reason so close to my heart. I saw pass the hurdles. And I confirmed the old, “if there’s a will, there is a way.”

So go ahead. Find the inspiration. When you do, you will find the way to finish the project. You will finish the speech, the book and write another one. You will finish the song and sing it. I just finished writing this. Finish yours. Be inspired.

Kwabena Eddie Mankata (c) 2015