why I love JESUS

He is too jealousy to let me go
He is too loving to hold a grudge against me
He is too merciful to see me suffer
He is too gentle to impose on me
He is too kind to make me beg
He is too faithful to miss a deadline
He is too attentive to miss my prayer request
He loved me first

He runs a divine forex bureau that exchanges
Joy for sadness
Strength for weakness
Light for darkness
Friendship for loneliness
Abundance for little
Love for fears
Laughter for tears
Peace for war
Rich for poor
Light yoke for heavy burden.
Glory for shame
Beauty for ashes
Courage for cowardice
Dancing for mourning
He first loved me

With my perfect flaws
Relevant irrelevance
Adequate inadequacies
Perfect imperfections
He’s still the one crazy about me
Took lashes for my healing
Wore thorns that I may wear the actual crown
I am the one who is nothing without Him
Yet He follows me closely
He watches over me
Wakes me every morning
And has booked for me a room in Heaven
I love Jesus
He first loved me