I beg of you unless you are looking through God’s lens of righteousness, do not conclude on my actions in the fore front and my ministrations on stage to put a tag of sanctimony around my neck because I am not innocent. For I go to stage empty to be filled by the Holy Spirit to speak and act as directed.

Downstage I have my fears, struggles and weakness. I surprise God every now and then with my actions and inactions yet through it all I have learnt to trust in Jesus, lean on Jesus and stand behind Jesus.

I do not run away from struggles or give up. I fight to the end.

I do not declare my fears or make them stand in my way. I confront them.

I do not worry about weakness or pretend they don’t exist. I starve them.

All these I do not by my might but it had to be God; His grace and mercy brought me through. Be Inspired!




There are some people you hold on to. There are some people you don’t let them go. There some people you hang in there holding their hands despite all odds against you. Not because you want to. Not because you feel something at the moment for them. Not because they have something you want but because God asked you to. You hold on until God touch their lives. You hold on until God open your eyes to see beyond the ordinary. You hold on as long as you can because when God asked you to, nothing or no one else matters! You just hold on and wait for God. Be Inspired!black-white-hands-holding