It will be okay

Four words

Scream them and they appear as whispers

To the one

Problems have cursed with insomnia


To drown in tears

And breathe in ire


It will be okay

Four words

Amplify them to yourself

When need be

And they may seem fruitless

As loud shouts to the wonder of a deaf

Or rolling tears to the amusement of a tormentor


It will be okay

Four words

Yet said over and over again

Has the proclivity to fan to life

Dying embers of hope

With every repetition bringing

An unseen strength

And for certain they bolden

The arrival of God’s cavalry in due time


It will be okay

Four words

You say to

A soul in distress

A body in pain

A spirit in disarray

Be it yours or another

Knowing it isn’t about the four words

But the believe

In the certainty of God’s timely intervention

It will be okay


Revealing Blue Sky