The day you get a word from the Lord, the enemy either comes to steal or trivialize it. Don’t pay any attention to him.



Everyone loves power. Everyone loves to be in control. Like Bishop Noel Jones said “The truth is we don’t mind driving 150 km/hr so far as we are ones behind the wheel.” If it lies in their power, entrepreneurs and investors will control sales, bonds and stock markets. Agriculturists will control the weather. Project managers will run projects risk free. Job seekers will be chased by employers. Government will run every sector smoothly and Parents will dictate the pace of their children till death. Yet there so many things we can’t control.

Employers are waiting for employees to change and vice versa. Husbands are waiting for wives to change and vice versa. Parents are waiting for children to change and vice versa. Pastors are waiting for congregation to change and vice versa. Government is waiting for the people to change and vice versa. The lists of expectations are endless. And when these changes don’t happen we became indifferent, hostile, annoyed, frustrated and sad. And the worst part is that we seem to Neale said, “So long as you entertain the notion that there is something or someone else out there “doing it” to you, you disempower yourself to do anything about it”.

There are some things you can control in this life. First, your ability to work harder and smarter than anyone else. Then your ability to change thought patterns. Finally, your ability to acquire knowledge and skill that will add value to you.

Let’s control the things we can and leave the rest. Be inspired!