23 Years Now..

Exactly 23 years ago, I lost my mum. I remember the date not because I have a good memory or miss her but I made a friend some years back whose birthday is today and what’s more, she bears my mum’s name.

I have often wondered how our relationship would have been like; the look she would have worn when I graduated magna cum laude; got my first job; wrote my first poem or told her about my crush; how she would feel sitting in the midst of the congregations or crowd or audience before whom I preach, recite a poem, motivate or act?

Yet God in His graciousness gave me seven mothers at different stages of my life whose love and care I cannot begin to describe- seven adorable mothers and God-willing, grannies for my kids when they get here. What I have learnt, enjoyed and experienced makes me appreciate God in a different light. I know God is not done, there are more mothers coming my way.

When you lose someone, God brings more than a replacement- He brings loads of blessings your way. It might be disguised in a way but the fundamental truth is He never forsakes you!

To Mrs. Vida Addo, Miss Christiana Kobe, Mrs. Mabel Boiquaye, Maa Comfort, Mrs. Henrietta Mante, Mrs. Darko  and Mrs. Ruby Okae-Asante; I love you all. God bless you and thank you.


LOVED to love

Yesterday I watched helplessly as stones of insults were hurled at you.
Yesterday I saw men display unimaginable wickedness towards you.
Yesterday I saw everyone laugh as you wept.
Yesterday I wondered what your crimes were.
Yesterday I wondered how much your freedom would cost.
Yesterday I wept harder because I have been in your shoes before.

Today I have decided to stand for you.
Today I have decided to pay your debt.
Today I have decided to love you.

Let me stand in the light of insults so you hide in my shadows.
Let me replace your apparels of shame with garments of praise.
Let me provide my shoulders for you to stand on and be elevated.
Let me treat you to affection unknown
Let me expose you to the beauty and wonders of nature so you always smile.

I know it doesn’t make sense and you wonder why.
My friends think I am crazy and can’t tell why.
I am not crazy. I am aware of my actions and this is why.
Someone stood for me.
Someone paid my debt..
Someone loved me…
And it’s my turn to love YOU

So let me…